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Nagarjuna’s Masterpiece of Enquiry: Fundamentals of the Middle Way. Chapter One

Chapter One

Examination of Conditions.

Plus brief Commentary on the 14 verses in Chapter One.

Dear Readers

There is no assurance you will understand these verses of Nagarjuna nor my commentary. Continue reading 

14 July 2016. Day One of the growing rule of the Far Right in Britain. The Racism of new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson

Some of us watched British television yesterday the orderly transition from a Conservative Government to a new Conservative Government. The new Prime Minister gave powerful positions to proponents with leanings towards the Far Right. Continue reading 

To Believe in Rebirth is an extreme view. To not believe in rebirth is an extreme view.

Millions of Buddhists and countless others believe or don’t believe in rebirth and future lives.

Such people should consider reading several times this discourse from the Buddha (SM 11 The Book of Causation.20.10). Continue reading 

Brexit, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Theresa May, Politicians and the plot of Macbeth

Macbeth, William Shakespeare’s renowned play,  explores the suffering inflicted on people owing to brutal, naked ambition, ruthless desire to take power and a willingness to cut anybody down who stands in the way.

The story revolves around Macbeth, a popular general in the Scottish army, who believes three influential deceivers who promised him the kingdom. Following his wife’s scheming, Macbeth murders the King of Scotland and takes the throne. Continue reading 

The Sense of Belonging and Living on the Edge

Human beings sometimes engage in a deep search for a sense of belonging. The formation of an identity with the ‘other’ fulfils a certain need running deeper than the movements of feelings. We might think of this sense as a gut instinct to connect with a presence of the ‘other’ rather than confinement to our mortal self.

We have devised all sorts of formations of the collective to satisfy this need, this rather primal urge, to feel engaged with a group, network or collective with shared values and priorities.

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