The Failure of the Left


Presidents and Prime Ministers of the so-called Left, journalists from the left, people of faith, scientists and academics have collectively compromised on ethics, social justice, wealth redistribution, gun control, racism in our insitututions, exploitation of the poor, environmental issues and more. (more…)

What People Often Say about Donald Trump

The proliferation of voices justifying or condemning Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who want to become the US President, easily feed into his need for attention.  (more…)

Does Donald Trump need therapy?

Part Three of Three


It is hardly surprising that Donald Trump wants to be the US Commander-in-Chief. For a narcissist, the private jet with the name TRUMP blazoned across it, the TRUMP Tower, 16 other buildings in New York City with his name on and his 500 businesses worldwide will not satisfy his lust for power, prestige and control. (more…)

Does Donald Trump need therapy?

Part Two



Abuse of Power


Pent Up Problems

Ideology takes priority

We are left with concern for Donald Trump (more…)

Does Donald Trump need therapy?

This analysis of the mind set of Donald Trump falls into three parts. The first part takes direct quotes from Donald’s Trumps campaign speeches and press interviews that signal that the Republican candidate has mental health issues. (more…)

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