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50 Ways to End the Trump regime. Plus One

A Basic Blueprint to end Trump’ s America.

Any one or two of the following suggestions could trigger the resignation of Donald Trump.

A real alternative is necessary. The Democrats do not offer this alternative.

I take the view that current capitalism continues to destroy the Earth – regardless of who is US President. Continue reading 

Trump and Buddhism.

Are Buddhist Teachers too nice for Politics?

I do love Buddhist meditation teachers. Honestly.

I fully support the wonderful work they do for the welfare of people. Buddhist teachers work tirelessly to dissolve their suffering and develop clarity of heart and mind for those who attend their programmes. Continue reading 

The Songs of Leonard Cohen are not his Primary Legacy

Like a US drone missile hovering mercilessly for days over a Pakistani village, Lord Yama, the Personification of the Conditions for Death, hovers over the Earth daily targeting young and old, rich and poor, healthy and sick.

Lord Yama selected on November 7, 2017, the beloved Canadian poet/song writer, Leonard Cohen. Continue reading 

Pilgrimage and retreat in India 26 January – 13 February 2017

 Pilgrimage and retreat in India  26 January – 13 February 2017

With Ellen van lersel 18-day journey in India, incl 7-day vipassana retreat guided by Christopher Titmuss and Zohar Lavie. Continue reading