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Know Thyself is not enough. Know the Other as well

The Inquirer

(Sutta 147 in Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha)

I gave a commentary on The Inquirer,  a talk of the Buddha last week during our Dharma Enquiry Programme at the Waldhaus Buddhist Centre, near Andernacht, Bonn, Germany.  The Buddha regularly encouraged mindfulness/inquiry to be directed towards others, as much as oneself.

The Buddhist tradition and other mind/body traditions have emphasised the inner, often at the expense of outer mindfulness/inquiry of another(s). The willingness to work to transform the outer can heal wounds, be deeply therapeutic and develop empowerment through action. Continue reading 

1967 – 1977. Ten Years on the Road. An Outline

In April, 1967, I set off from Sanderstead, Croydon, south of London, to see the world. I started off sitting in the back of a van with my friends, Stan and Margaret, who lived around the corner and were going to Greece for a holiday.

During the 10 years away from Britain, I wrote a letter home every week or so except for one time.  During my years as a Buddhist monk in Thailand,  I once took a vow for  three months for the duration of the rains retreat (pansa) in 1971 that I would not read nor write a word in that period. Continue reading 

To Establish Agents of Change. Join our Course in Germany and Israel in 2017


I am writing to give you encouragement to join our residential Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC) in June  and October, 2017 in Germany and September 2017/March 2018 in Israel. Continue reading 

10-day Goenka Courses in Vipassana. Time to Make Changes. 12 Firm Proposals.

The 10-day Goenka courses have become well known in the Buddhist world since Goenka (30 January, 1924 – 29 September, 2013), a wealthy Mumbai businessman, launched his Vipassana courses in 1969 to a group of Western seekers travelling in India. Continue reading